Private VPN Made Easy.

Izumo is a decentralized VPN that uses state-of-the-art technology to help you easily create your private VPN service that works under the most restricted Internet access.

Circumvent censorship and protect your freedom of speech. Act now.

This product is not available for China Mainland (I'm not in China).

Why Izumo?

Invicible and Secure

Commonly available VPN services could easily get blocked because of their popularity. Your server on Izumo is fully private (decentralized), making it nearly impossible to be detected and blocked.

It Just Works

With cutting-edge traffic obfuscation technology, Izumo private VPN service works in almost any condition, even including the most restricted corporate and national firewalls where most other VPN protocols would fail.


Your private VPN service can be set up in one click and is fully managed by us. Everything you need is included on a well-crafted web dashboard. No other accounts or command line tools are needed.

We Believe

As true believers of freedom of speech, we have been working on making information accessible in the past few years with products similiar to Izumo, and will continue to do so in the future. Follow us on Twitter.

How it Works?

Choose a Location for Your Private VPN Server

This really is the only thing you need to do to set up your private VPN server. We have integrated with many clouds vendors, including Azure and Google Cloud, and offer 86 data centers globally for you to choose from.

Automagic Setup & Update

We'll install all the software you need on your private VPN server, secure it with firewall rules, accelerate the networking and always keep it up-to-date. In just a few minutes, your private VPN service will be ready to use.

CloudCreate a server instance on the cloud
NetworkCheck if your server IP is blocked by your firewall (ping), and automatically change it to a new one if blocked
Domain & DNSCreate a free domain and update DNS records
v2rayUse the battle-tested Vmess + WebSocket via TLS VPN protocols
Let's Encrypt certsMake your connections secure
NginxObfuscate your v2ray traffic and host your camouflage homepage
Google BBR & TCP tuningSpeed up your server networking
FirewallSafeguard your server
Camouflage homepageGenerate a boring website as a camouflage
Private DashboardWhere you manage your server and setup your phones/laptops

Connect Your Laptops, Smartphones and Many Others

A dashboard is also created to help you connect your laptops, smartphones, tablets, routers and so on to your private VPN service.

Third-party Apps

Support for popular third-party apps are baked in. You are free to use any v2ray apps of your choice as well.

Pricing in Beta

  • $0.99/10 GB transfer/day, or $6.99/1 TB transfer/mo
  • Fast & plenty of data transfer
  • Unblock Netflix (Singapore #39 and San Jose #42)
  • $0.99/1 GB transfer/day, or $9.99/10 GB transfer/mo
  • Up to 6X faster with world-class data centers
  • Unblock Netflix (Hong Kong #116)